Attributes are whole number metrics that, roughly speaking, define a characters capabilities(strength, vitality, ….) but can also be used for any other number that should be persisted and does not fit any other concept(xp). Attributes do not define any behavior of their own, instead other things that depend on them will check them when needed. To add an attribute simply create an Adventure/AttributeType from the context menu in your assets.

In contrast to attributes an AttributeStat does not have a value of its own. Is is usually calculated based on one or multiple attributes or even just a constant value that just gets changed by modifiers. How a stat is calculated is defined by in its GetValue method, derive from AttributeStat to define your own calculations. Check the stats already defined in AdventureCore for examples.(MultipliedStat, TieredStat, …)

The AttributePool manages the available attributes and stats and their value in the scene. It is usually attached and assigned to a character. This is also where modifiers can register to change exposed values and where observers can register to be notified of changes of attributes and stats.


The SoulsVitality attribute can be leveled up at bonfires and influences the SoulsHealthMaximum stat which defines how many hit points the player has. On enemies the hit point maximum is set directly without using a stat.

SoulsEndurance is pretty much the same but for SoulsStaminaMaximum.

SoulsStrength can be leveled at the bonfire and influences the SoulsPhysicalAttack which is used by weapons to calculate their damage.

SoulsLevel and SoulsExperience are counters that are used to check if the player can level up and how many times they have done so.

Lastly SoulsFlask defines how many flasks are restored to the player when they sit at a bonfire. There is no way to change it currently but it has been added so increasing it with a pickup or some other action can be implemented later.

The stats SoulsPhysicalDefense and SoulsPoiseMaximum are not influenced by any attribute, they just have some base value and are only increased by modifiers like armor.


AdventureHero only defines a single Attribute called HeroHearts. It is used in the HeroHeartsMaximum stat to define the maximum health in the AttributePool of the player character. The Attribute starts at 3 and gets raised by collecting HeroHeartEssence.