• manual page for SoulsPlayer(includes step by step guide for replacing the model)


  • Animator is now part of CharacterBase, AnimatedCharacterBase is therefore obsolete


  • simplified model replacement for SoulsPlayer
    • colliders moved to separate GameObject ‘Body’
    • TimelineAction and SoulsBonfireAction can pass character animator to the PlayableDirector which lets us remove the dependency between environment and player model
  • translation and rotation of model can be suppressed independently
    • SoulsAttackAction no longer locks rotation until damage is activated
  • MovementSaver can be overridden from outside
    • BossArena uses this to properly reset the player if the game is quit during a fight
  • intro sequence can now be skipped
  • 2021 LTS compatibility


  • usable items not being hidden if action is interrupted
  • potential initialization order errors
    • AttributePool value/stat dictionaries
    • CharacterActionArea Bindings
  • armor no longer vanishes at certain camera angles


Initial Release