• Simple Third Person Prefab (AdventureManual/Prefabs/AAKThirdPerson)
    • Basic CameraController for Third Person
  • Resource System Manual Scene (AdventureManual/Systems/Resource/ManualResource)
    • Resource Bars for uGUI



  • Visual Scripting Support
    • custom visual scripting units for all core systems
    • visual scripting version of the getting started scene
    • enemy behavior examples
      • simple examples based on getting started
      • advanced enemies for souls demo(archer, attacker)
  • Loot in Souls Demo
    • random state is persisted
    • define items and chances
    • loot drop is persisted until pickup
  • Item Manual Example Scene
    • equipment that is visible on the character
    • usables that add health and vitality


This update continues building out the souls demo while polishing up the core framework. It also adds a getting started tutorial project that should provide a smoother experience at the beginning. There is also a new integration available on GitHub for the Kinematic Character Controller asset!


  • Step by step getting started tutorial
  • Pebble usable item in souls which can be thrown
  • Two handing weapons in souls
    • stances for two handed melee and bows
    • assignable actions for all 4 shoulder buttons
  • Bow and Arrow in souls
    • damage is summed between bow and arrow
    • easily customizable arrows


  • Camera damping in souls demo
  • SoulsBossArea not properly resetting on player death
  • MotionAction without cost now works on characters without ResourcePool
  • Namespace of SoulsHideHUDInstruction which unfortunately breaks references so it has to be reassigned or fixed in text


  • MovementBasePersisted does not error if no Persister is set
  • LockableCameraFreeLook can move a target group member instead of adding the lock point
  • LockOnManager can directly parent a visual to the locked point

Starting from this version I will no longer upload a dedicated version for the 2021.2 tech stream. I recommend using the latest 2021.3 LTS version.


Various smaller changes made for the AdventureSouls Scene Connector integration example. The example is called ConnectorSouls and can be found on GitHub!


  • TimelineAction and SoulsBonfireAction auto bind CinemachineBrain to PlayableDirector
  • AnimationToggler can be moved instantly using SetA and SetB
  • SoulsLadderAction EndingTop and EndingBottom events
  • SoulsLoading can be configured to load additional scenes
  • SoulsPlayerCharacter multi scene support
    • saves current scene as checkpoint
    • goes to loading screen on death in a different scene
    • recovery is instantiated under SoulsCommons
  • EffectPool and ResourcePool persist immediately when reset



  • Shrine - New Souls Demo Stage!
    • Trader and Talker NPCs
      can be interacted with or attacked
    • Sprout Enemy
      causes poison damage
    • Elevator
      one way elevator with levers
    • Teleporter
      moves character between scenes
  • Effects - New Core System!
    set of behaviors that can be added or removed from characters
    • Poisoned
      periodically causes damage, healed by the new moss item
    • Boosted
      doubles strength for a while, added by the new booster item
  • Inventory
    allows using items directly from the UI without equipping them
  • Loading Screen


  • intro can now be skipped
  • NPCs can return home or patrol when idle
  • additional events for characters on GenericTriggerArea/Item
  • better gamepad support
  • movement and resources are not saved unless they actually change
  • picked up items are now displayed in a message box
  • persistence can now be exported and imported from PersistenceContainer
  • boss arena properly resets player position
  • camera now uses cinemachine free look

An integration for the ink narrative scripting language is available on GitHub!

Depending on your depth of use this update will contain a varying amount of breaking changes! Using source control and removing any previous versions completely when upgrading is recommended.



  • manual page for SoulsPlayer(includes step by step guide for replacing the model)


  • Animator is now part of CharacterBase, AnimatedCharacterBase is therefore obsolete


  • simplified model replacement for SoulsPlayer
    • colliders moved to separate GameObject ‘Body’
    • TimelineAction and SoulsBonfireAction can pass character animator to the PlayableDirector which lets us remove the dependency between environment and player model
  • translation and rotation of model can be suppressed independently
    • SoulsAttackAction no longer locks rotation until damage is activated
  • MovementSaver can be overridden from outside
    • BossArena uses this to properly reset the player if the game is quit during a fight
  • intro sequence can now be skipped
  • 2021 LTS compatibility


  • usable items not being hidden if action is interrupted
  • potential initialization order errors
    • AttributePool value/stat dictionaries
    • CharacterActionArea Bindings
  • armor no longer vanishes at certain camera angles


Initial Release